• Fr: 12:00 – 13:15 Uhr / Yoga-Spirit-House / Hatha Yoga / Breathing exercises

Yoga has been part of my life since I was a child as both of my parents practiced Ashtanga yoga on a regular basis. I took my very first yoga class in 2015 in the Sivananda Ashram in Paris. I felt emotionally and physically uncomfortable throughout the practice and I honestly couldn’t wait for the class to end. However ninety minutes later I somehow came out of savasana with no understanding of what had just happened, but only to know that what I felt was incredible.

During my first trip to California in 2017, I discovered that yoga was more than just a physical practice. I became fascinated by the philosophic aspect of yoga and the holistic approach to it.
The next year in San Diego, I had the chance to be a Karma Yogi in a beautiful yoga sanctuary, it was here I discovered various styles of yoga and experienced the benefits of a regular practice. From this expierence I then gradually integrated yoga into my life.
After a few years of regular practice, I decided it was time to expand my knowledge and complete my teacher training. I wanted to be able to offer and give others the space to explore their own body, mind and world in a safe environment.

For me, the multiple dimensions of yoga are tools that I use in my everyday life. It’s these tools that enables me to feel free, have confidence in my emotions and discover my own potential.

The Holistic yoga practice is really important to me, I make sure to include in my classes different elements that truly represent what I love about yoga. I have a multi style yoga qualification in Flow Yoga(Vinyasa), Hatha, Yin and Ashtanga. The combination of all styles brings a variety of knowledge to my teaching and personal practice.

I try to invite a sense of flow through all my classes with attention on pranayamas, breath work, mantras, meditation and occasionally Sanskrit chanting.

In this Friday Lunch Hatha Yoga class, I like to invite focus on holding each asana (position) for a little longer finding stillness giving the chance to offer both physical and mental challenges, but also allowing softness. This practice leaves you feeling relaxed but energized and invigorated at the same time.

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  • DUT in Marketing & Communication, Paris V University


  • Bachelor in Anthropology, Paris V University
  • Kid yoga teacher assistant, Dragonfly Design, San Francisco


  • Karma Yogi, Trilogy Sanctuary, San Diego


  • Yoga Teacher Training 200H, Yoga Alliance Certified, Green Yoga International, Mallorca“


  • deepening Yoga Classes with Stephen Thomas

Marilou is a fantastic teacher who knows how to adapt to the desires and level of her students.
Very pleasant moments, the sessions she offers are well constructed and well planned. She has defined a theme for each session and what is proposed is related to this theme. Throughout the session, she accompanies and guides in an appropriate way, with a rhythm that leaves us time in postures or transitions.


Thank you Marilou for this smooth and precise lesson. This class built around the moon salutation is quite suited to the season. I especially like when you translate the postures into Sanskrit and explain the effects of the postures on the organs. It allows us to be fully conscious in our practice it is complete. Thank you for the quality of your attention and the tone of voice throughout the session, you are a great teacher.


Marilou is very encouraging and listens to her students. She creates classes that make you feel good during and after the session. Very attentive to the well-being of each, she invites us to listen to our body, push our limits and trust ourselves. In these classes we discover the vast universe of yoga and we learn more about who we are!