Fliessende Bewegungsabläufe / kombiniert mit stillen Asanas / Atemübungen / Reinigungstechniken und Meditation / Für alle Stufen. / Leitung: Miriam

Sonntag 10:00 – 11:15 Uhr | Vinyasa Yoga im Yoga-Spirit-House

Yoga-Spirit-House Steinwiesstrasse 9a 8032 Zürich

«When I first saw Miriam it was like I found a magnificent creature in the middle of jungle. Her graceful movements and soft voice made me feel special for being a woman, for being there in her presence.
Everything about her is so peaceful and calming, yet you can feel her wildness. We started our yoga class like an ancient ritual full of mysteries.

 She taught me to be grateful for my body through which I can make my mind peaceful. It is a gift to be guided by Miriam.»

Ida Eckhel

Yoga student