Yoga style: Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Raja Yoga

Hatha Yoga

Our Yoga classes begin with elements of Hatha Yoga. This style of Yoga works through physical exercises:

Asanas – body postures for the regeneration and build-up of the entire organism

Bandhas and Mudras – targeted muscle contractions to activate energy

On the physical level, the mobility is promoted, the immune system strengthened, and relaxation and bodily wellbeing are generated. Vitality and the inner strength are fostered and the awareness for inner processes raised.

On the emotional level, the exercises create an air of ease and high spirits.  This triggers a transformation process.

A spirit of inner liberty, creativity and mental balance can arise.

Kundalini Yoga

The second main focus our classes are breathing and body exercises from Kundalini Yoga. Through an intensified oxygen intake these exercises have a soothing and stimulating effect on the whole organism. The aim is to arouse subtle inner strengths.

The fundamental principles originate from the tradition of Yogi Dhirendra Brahmacharia and his student Reinhard Gammenthaler.

Focus on the Chakras

During the body and breathing exercises, we consciously direct our attention towards the chakras. In the Yoga system, the chakras equal latent, energetic centres in the human bodies. Their state of activation differs from person to person. The chakras have an influence on our emotional and mental state. Working with the chakras, characteristics such as courage, love, mental balance, assertiveness, self-confidence, and openness can be specifically strengthened.

The foundation of this knowledge hails from the tradition of Agama Yoga and forms an essential part of our Yoga classes.

Raja Yoga

In advanced classes, we will also employ techniques from the Raja Yoga, a Yoga style in which mental training is used as means for broadening the self-awareness.

Concentration exercises calm our mental activity and focus our attention.

A state of deep serenity, satisfaction, and clarity can be achieved. We learn to perceive our intuition more clearly.

Furthermore, indoor and outdoor meditation exercises will be introduced. It is their goal to let our conscious mind completely immerse into the present.

If this state is maintained for an extended period, we gain access to areas of our own psyche, whose beauty is hard to put into words. This is the beginning of the true aim of Yoga: the conscious connection with our won essence. This connection is found to be immensely beneficial and gratifying. The primal meaning of Yoga is connection or unity.

The skilful fusion of Hatha, Kundalini, and Raja Yoga in our classes leads our students to a deepened experience and training of their body, and their emotional, mental and spiritual inner world.