Tuesdays from 6pm to 7.15pm at the Yoga-Spirit-House in Bellevue / Kunsthaus Zürich

Meditation is completely being present, regardless of whether it is behind shut eyes in the lotus position, while browsing the city, surfing a wave or even at work. The sensation is almost the same. It is true relaxation in which you consciously feel every movement. It is a state of perceiving and approving the next motion without judging it. It is a state in which life goes up in spontaneity.

Strengthened mindfulness and observation abilities for inner impulses, thoughts, and emotions grant us the freedom to decide whether or not we want to act on them. The ability to follow the inner wisdom and to decide what is beneficial to the situation increases – even under high pressure.

We use different types of meditation in our Yoga classes. There is time for conversations through which we make ourselves aware of how meditation can influence our daily life.

In addition to still sitting and perceiving, we employ motion. Meditating while walking makes it very easy for many people to immerse themselves completely in the moment and be fully present. Depending on the season we also offer a range of outdoor meditations focusing on our perception as well as a variety of indoor meditation exercises focusing on breath and the Chakras.

Complementing our standard meditation offer, Yoga workshops and Yoga holidays impart different meditation practices and specific knowledge to the participants. This lets them, more and more, incorporate total presence into their day-to-day life.

The attention is focused on perception itself: it may be the perception of the wind caressing our body; or the perception of a river glittering in the light; or the perception of our own breath.

Perceiving our bodies from the inside helps us to achieve this. By sensing the vivid power within us, we attain complete presence. We part with the incessant stream of thoughts of our mind.

Very often in our everyday life we see the glittering water of the river without really seeing it. We hear the birds singing their song at dawn, without really listening to it. In order to really see the glittering river, it needs complete presence. In order to really listen to the birds’ song at dawn, it needs a break of our stream of thought. In order to perceive nature’s beauty, we must fully immerse in the moment.

If we succeed in indulging in the perception alone, we make the acquaintance of the observing part in us – the acquaintance of our consciousness.

Millenniums-old teachings of Yoga as well as contemporary teachers such as Eckhart Tolle (‘The power of Now’) identify the consciousness as the basis of our being.

The stronger we interact with our consciousness, the richer our inner treasure of felicity, compassion, liberty, and love will grow. We realise that we are not bound by the limits of our everyday thoughts and views. Even the boundaries of our body blur: our consciousness expands and connects with the glittering river, with the wind, the sun, the trees, the mountains, and other people. The sensation of the infinity of our consciousness is what Yogis call “Yoga” – the state of unity.