Yoga Workshops in Zurich and Swiss Alps

The Yoga workshops aim at conveying the Yoga exercises with their physical and energetic effects, and related topics from the philosophy of Yoga that influence our daily life. After the workshop, all participants will have enough experience and knowledge to build an individual Yoga practice for themselves. The courses are suitable for beginners, intermediates and advanced students.

Yoga Workshop 1

We will deal with the following:

  • Body and breathing exercises
  • World and mankind from the perspective of Yoga
  • The Chakras – our inner potential
  • The power of emotions from the perspective of Yoga

Yoga Workshop 2

Besides intensifying body and breathing exercises, we will focus in our mental activity and examine its influence on how we lead our life. Furthermore, we will delve into the relation between our diet and wellbeing.

  • Body and breathing exercises
  • The Power of Thoughts
  • Nutrition from a Yoga perspective

Yoga Workshop 3

This course includes more demanding postures (Asanas). We will expand our knowledge of specific breathing exercises (Pranayama) by the energy centres (Chakras). Furthermore, we will sharpen our attention towards the way we bread in everyday life.

  • Advanced Asanas
  • Advanced Pranayama
  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga workshop 1: 18. & 19. March 17

Yoga workshop 2: 20. & 21. May 17

Yoga workshop 3: 1.-3. Dezember 17

For Yoga workshop 3 we will travel to a beautiful village by the name of Lavin in Engadin in the Swiss Alps.

Each workshop is a unit in itself and can be attended individually.

The workshops will be conducted by Sabina Asnani.

Yoga workshop 1 and 2:
Saturday 3-6pm
Sunday 10am-1pm and 3-6pm

Yoga-Spirit-House, Steinwiesstraße 9a, 8032 Zürich

Yoga Workshop 1 & 2

Early-bird booking (at least 28 days in advance): CHF 330,- each weekend
Normal rate: CHF 370,- each weekend

Yoga Workshop 3
Early-bird booking (at least 28 days in advance): CHF 430,-
Normal rate: CHF 480,-

The fee includes a manuscript in which all topics and exercises are documented in writing and through pictures. It helps you with the practice of Yoga at home.

For further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on +41 78 607 3858 or via mail.