Since my early childhood days I have had a passion for movement and developed a good body-awareness. In 1998, I was first introduced to Yoga in India. Yoga has not quite let me go since then. I felt that something was missing in the more physically oriented forms of Yoga, until I discovered Agama Yoga and for the first time learned about Chakras, energy and the philosophy of Yoga.

I cannot imagine a day without Yoga anymore. I enjoy the beautiful moments during Yoga practice. I experience more and more serenity and a deep connection with my innermost self in my everyday life through Yoga.

My classes are meditative and are characterised by a high presence. Besides a good posture and the development of body-awareness, it is my desire that my participants discover the more subtle and energetic levels and develop a sense of connectedness to their innermost.



  • First exposure to Yoga, Iyengar-Yoga in Pune, India. Since then regular trips to India, Nepal and Tibet to discover and get to know different spiritual traditions.


  • Degree in Economics, University of Zurich


  • Several appointments as Human Resources Manager and HR Director


  • Education as Yoga teacher at Agama Yoga, Koh Phagan, Thailand. International Registered Yoga School (RYS 500) and member of the International Yoga Federation (IYF)

September 2013

  • Founding of Shanti Yoga, Yoga school in Zürcher Unterland (Zurich Lowlands)

December 2013

  • Introduction to Tandava (Dance of Shiva, moving meditation) by Nathalie Delay

January 2014

  • Advanced Yoga training by Patanjal Yoga, Dr. Samprasad Vinod in Pune, India

February-July 2014

  • Mystical Principles Course by Thomas Hübl

July 2014

  • Introduction to Hridaya Yoga and meditation by Sahajananda

I would like to thank the following people who have inspired my throughout my journey: all of my teachers at Agama Yoga, especially Swami Vivekananda Saraswati. Sahajananda, Nathalie Delay, Samprasad Vinod, Sabina Asnani and Susanne Baumann. And Nirmala Purandare and her exceptional nature, tirelessly fighting for disadvantaged women in India.