I found yoga during a life crisis  12 years ago. The “faster, higher, further” of the business world, in which I had a steep leadership career, left an inner emptiness behind. I felt driven and irritated, even though I could not have formulated it that way at the time. As a graduate psychologist, I needed to overcome my pride to admit that I also needed one or more coaches.

But during this time of support my spiritual hunger was inflamed and as a result I quit my well-paid leadership job in the personnel development of an insurance company, my apartment and also left my partner to travel to India and Asia for 9 months.

The question that guided me was: “Who am I when I let go of everything?”

After 2 foot breaks in the Himalayas and Thailand, I “landed” at a yoga school where I practiced 8 hours a day (one-legged) for 7 months. It was an intense, very instructive and emotionally challenging time that was necessary. The spiritual and energetic flights there laid a seed, a longing, this feeling of being lifted up in something much greater than myself. I wanted to integrate my experiences into my Western everyday life as well. And so I began to prepare the ground for working from the heart and from spiritual attachment.

I completed various (teacher) trainings in the areas of dance, spiritual healing and mediality, female wisdom and (self-)leadership from the inner center, as well as a 4 year training as a spiritual leadership coach. My learning continues!

Yoga is for me a way to inner freedom. The inner freedom to consciously choose how I respond to a situation. Beyond the autopilot. And Yoga is for me a way to mastery, to meet everyday life, me and others with relaxed alertness, truthfulness and love. And then to do what “must” be done.

My teaching is characterized by the anatomically healthy execution of the body postures, a humorous, lively atmosphere, but also by calm and inviting into the spiritual space of yoga.

I increasingly incorporate dynamic and flowing processes into my teaching.

My own background, however, is tantric Hatha Yoga, in which the asanas are kept static for several minutes and the inner focus and breathing is placed on the energy centres in the body (chakras). The aim of this is to allow a free flow of energy on all coarse and subtle levels of the body and thus the development of the life themes assigned to each chakra.

I teach on Wednesdays 19h30 – 21h Hatha Yoga Flow in Wollishofen, as a representative of Maureen.


20 years in various national and international management roles as Business / Change Management Consultant and Human Resources Developer, most recently Head Leadership Development of a global reinsurance company
Now self-employed as integral management coach and management consultant (www.Menten.solutions)
Education and training Yoga:

Regular practice in Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation, Consciousness Development and Silence, 2007 – now (in India, Transylvania, Thailand, Nepal, Australia and Switzerland)

Time-out: 9 months in Asia with various Western, Buddhist and Hindu teachers to deepen their meditation practice, 2009-2010

Several monthly, 10-day silent retreats 2009 – 2013

Hridaya Yoga Training (Spiritual Heart & Advaita- Vedanta after Ramana Maharshi), 2010-2013

600 Hours Yoga Training, Thailand, 2009 – 2010

Various in-depth training courses in Tantrism with focus on sexuality as a way to God’s knowledge, Dr. Anna Gamma, Shima Institute, 2008- today

Training and further education in the accompaniment of people and companies and their consciousness development:

  • Diplom-Psychologin (Master), KUN University, Netherlands, 1996 – 2000
  • Mental Healing & Mediality (Anima Experience / b.Wusst GmbH, 2010 – 2014 (50 days)
  • Certified Leadership & Ethics Coach with Zen Master and Psychologist Dr. Anna Gamma, Switzerland, 2011 – 2015 (50 days)
  • “Inner Leadership, Authenticity and Vitality” Annual Training, Shima Institute, 2016 (40 days)
  • “To take the lead with feminine wisdom”, Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom, 2017 (17 days)
  • Process-oriented coaching for therapists, Daniele Kirchmair Consulting & Coaching, 2016-19 (30 days)

In deep gratitude for the following people who inspire and influence me with their teaching and life: Dr. Anna Gamma, Prof. Dr. Barbara von Meibom, Lisa Maria Meierhofer, Birgit Clara Loher, Barbara Knöpfel, Chameli Ardagh, Birgit Heide Dechmann, Daniele Kirchmair, Günther Neuses, and my slightly crazy ex-chief, who taught me that I always have exactly the time I need.