In 2009 I came into contact with yoga for the first time. I attended an Iyengar Yoga Workshop with the priest Father Joe Perreira from India, a direct student of B.S.K Iyengar, the creator of the yoga style of the same name. This 3 day immersion triggered a deep feeling of arrival in me, so that I immediately fell in love with the yoga practice.

Then I decided to include the yoga practice in my daily life, which I still do today. For me, it has become a key element for a more relaxed and successful everyday life. The desire to deepen my knowledge of the teachings of Hatha Yoga grew quickly after my first experience and soon followed my first teacher training in the yoga styles “Vinyasa Yoga” and “Yin Yoga” (2011).

To further quench my thirst for knowledge, I completed the 4-year BDY diploma at the Hatha Yoga Academy with Doris Echlin in Lucerne. I attend regular advanced training courses in various areas of yoga, meditation and massage every year.

My classes are dynamic and powerful and leave plenty of room for personal experience. The anatomical and energetic aspects of yoga practice are equally important to me.


  • Diploma BDY/EYU
  • Member of the Swiss Yoga Association
  • Member of the worldwide Kundalini Organisation KRI
  • Certified Yoga of Recovery Counselor
  • EMfit quality mark (recognised by various health insurance companies with supplementary insurance)
  • Professional masseur
  • EMR recognition for yoga and massages underway

I have been living in the Züri West neighbourhood for 6 years and 3 years ago I founded the company Back 2 Balance together with my partner, which specialises in a holistic approach to well-being.