As a meditation teacher and an artist, I see myself as a perpetual student. My deep desire was to find a creative and meaningful occupation in which I find pleasure and which contributes to the wellbeing of mankind. When I met my spiritual master in 1984, a whole new world opened up to me. I then realized what it was I had been looking for: A life from the centre of being and love as a creative force in my life. For 10 years, I devoted myself to intense spiritual training. My artistic and mental work increasingly merged. Modern Raja-Tantra-Kundalini-Yoga, meditation, Karma-Yoga and communality have become an integral part of my life.

In class I employ the supporting forces of emotions and imagination. Through the art of breathing, we learn to perceive our vigour, to direct it and to become aware of its centres. It is upon us to discover the divine power even further in the depths in order to become happy, creative beings who live their life authentically.



  • Training as a ceramist during 4 years of learning and travelling through France, Canada und the US.


  • Met my spiritual master Aba Aziz Makaja and began my apprenticeship and intense spiritual training. I opted for vegetarianism and a non-violent life in words, deeds, thoughts and feelings towards me and others, and against the consumption of alcohol, nicotine and other drugs.


  • Intense spiritual training and education as a qualified meditation teacher
  • Seminars and workshops on the following topics:
    • Basic technique of meditation for beginners, theory of Kundalini Shakti and the seven human energy centres (chakras)
    • Ashtanga Yoga with emphasis on Hatha Yoga
    • Intellectual Healing, healing through laying on of hands, auto-suggestion and self-hypnosis, breathing exercises (pranayama), mental sport and everyday training, study of Swami Narajananda’s book “The Secret of Prana, Pranayama and Yoga-Asana”
    • Health and evolution, karma, dharma and reincarnation, healing rituals
    • Spiritualisation of sexuality
    • Essentials of tantric Kundalini Yoga
    • Intense study of Yoga-Sutra from Patanjali
    • Psychophonetics – the science of sounds and tones / selection and creation of mantras
    • Death of ego and recognition of the divine life within us, studying the theory of the morphogenetic field by Rupert Sheldrake
    • Mental pedagogy – the positive pedagogy
    • Group dynamics, communality and spirituality, study of David Boadella’s book “Death of the Ego”
    • Your mind is gold, the spiritual development as an economic success factor and as foundation for principles of sustainable marketing
    • Spiritual crises and ecstasies, study of Kundalini through the works of Lee Sanella, Carl Gustav Jung, Stanislav Grof and Aba Aziz Makaja


  • Regular workshops in Italy and Switzerland, with the topic “Dialogue with the Earth”, an encounter with oneself through working with clay


  • Training in fasting, silence and sexual abstinence


  • Art of love, education as love-erotic therapist
  • Co-founder of a circle with the aim of conscious realisation, grafting, and transformation of sexuality into higher forms of expression


  • Projects in the fields of spirituality and arts. (Living art) installations depicting the seven Chakras in Zagreb. The teachings of Yoga conveyed by the methods of “living arts.”

1995 and 2000

  • Kundalini intensive with A. A. Makaja, the main theme is the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti (the spiritual vigour in mankind) and the conscious directing of the Kundalini through the seven main chakras.


  • Started to lead weekly spiritual meetings
  • Started regular Hatha Yoga practice and Vinyasa Flow


  • Development of “living arts” projects
  • (Body, emotions and thoughts are used as materials for art)


  • Love sacrament, installation/performance with a group of artists from Croatia, Macedonia, Germany and Switzerland
  • Komaja meditation teaching diploma (includes intensive study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras)


  • Intensive Kundalini seminar with A. A. Makaja and Deva Konstanza

Since 2009

  • My interest is in communality. The development of love and being in love as a spiritual method are the key concepts here.


  • Training seminar for diploma Komaja meditation teachers in Gersau


  • Meditation classes and workshops
  • Organisation of matra singing, meditation nights and love meditations
  • Projects of “living art”
  • “Dialogue with the Earth” workshops and classes in which we focus and encounter ourselves by working with clay