Love meditation

Trough this meditation we realise full presence in our bodies and dive into an ocean of love and joy.

Truly meet yourself and others. Intensely, honestly, without fear or shame, share and receive our most valuable gift.

We will let go of all our thought about ourselves and others, deeply immerse in our own inner depths, and open our hearts. Everything has its place: Longing, noble desire, compassion, and understanding. We will experience that love is born of bliss and not of thought.

Participants from the last meditation:
“Definitely a border pushing experience!”
“Any worries or insecurities whatsoever disappeared. The personal faded into the background and I realised the love in the eyes of every fellow human being…”

We will open the evening with a few Mantras and then vividly let ourselves in for love meditation.

The meditation is guided and is accompanied by music.

There will be no physical interaction.

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8pm to 9.30pm
Doors open 7.30pm

Conducted by

Steinwiesentraße 9a
8032 Zürich

CHF 40.-