Through Yoga I found a way to meet myself from a new angle. It was a meeting that went deeper than many experiences before. Yoga teached me, to see light in the dark, to heal from within, and to give the stories in my mind room, without having to get lost in them. Yoga allows me to just be with what is.

On my way of being, every day comes with a new field of learning. I fall and grow. A continous path of transformation. Allowing myself to move with change and to trust in whatever life is giving me.

In my classes I invite you to find your inner ocean as well. To really sink into your inner world and deeply connect with your body. From this inner connection your body can start to slowly wake and intuitively enter into a dance of curiosity. Here you will meet yourself again and again and merge with the mysteries of life.

In addition to asanas, mediation and pranayama, you will also have room for intuitive and free movements in my lessons. Silent moments as well as sound and music sources, will join us.



  • First meeting with Hatha yoga in Greece

2013 – 2016

  • Study of speech therapy at SHLR
  • Music of language – language of music (course)
  • Language moves – speaking through the body (course)


  • Art school – basic modul (School of art and design)


  • The Path of Yoga – a Yoga Intensive


  • Art school – painting modul (school of art and design)
  • Authentic Flow Yoga teacher training
  • Sensory Integration therapy (course)