When I attended a yoga workshop with a friend in my early twenties, it changed a lot in a fundamental way in my life. It was a reminiscence, a coming home. It was as if I had been looking for this inner “state”, this expansion, openness and clarity of mind for so long.

I have always been interested in exploring spaces of consciousness. My journey hasn’t ended yet.

Meditation, yoga and consciousness training have alternated. To experience all this in daily life is very important to me. So the mountains, which were my home for over 13 years, became my greatest teachers. There grew my deep connection to the plants. The encounters with nature have always made me very humble, challenged me, let me blossom, healed me and let me live and experience in a very beautiful and simple way. I’m very grateful for that. It is a matter of my heart to be allowed to share this with other people.



  • India Travel, Yoga, Reiki and Thai Yoga Massage Courses


  • Yoga teacher training at the Yoga University, Villeret
    Vipassana Meditation Part of the Training


  • EMYK, specialized training for yoga with children and adolescents


  • Supervisor in the special school home in the Engadin
  • Yoga classes with young people
  • Yoga classes with children in Zurich


  • India trip, deepening meditation and yoga with different teachers


  • Training Mediality / Spiritual Healing at Anima Experience


  • New Spirit Yoga Training, with Bahar Yilmaz


  • Teaching Yoga in Lavin, Engadin


  • Participation in sweat lodge rituals and support in vision searches


  • Working in the medicinal herb garden in Guarda