I first came into contact with yoga around fourteen years ago – and immediately realised that yoga gave me access to an incredibly multifaceted and, above all, profound world. After several years of regular practice, I therefore decided to delve even deeper into the origins, philosophy and gross and subtle practice of yoga during the four-year training programme at Doris Echlin’s Yoga Academy to become a BDY/EYU (German and European Yoga Teachers’ Association) yoga teacher.

The more than 2000 hours of training laid a solid foundation for my yoga teaching. I have been teaching regular yoga classes in Zurich for several years and, together with my husband Michele, launched the “SULIV Yoga, Bike or Hike & Slow Food Camps” (www.suliv.ch) in Valposchiavo – Michele’s home region – around seven years ago. In addition to yoga in the breathtaking mountain world of Poschiavo or in our accommodation in the historic monastery, the focus of the multi-day retreats in the power town of Poschiavo in the south of the canton of Graubünden is on immersing yourself in the valley with its unique nature and local cuisine.

In addition to yoga, I also study the science of Ayurveda in depth. By training as an Ayurveda coach, I was able to delve even deeper into the life philosophy of Ayurveda and unite the two sister sciences of yoga and Ayurveda. In my Ayurveda consultations, I support my clients holistically on their path to a better quality of life, well-being and health.

My yoga classes focus on strengthening, grounding and consciously letting go in body, breath and mind. In addition to the physical exercises, my yoga classes also aim to provide access to the subtle level and thus to a path of inner growth. My classes always begin with a sequence to arrive in the body, breath and here and now, followed by warming movement sequences, pranayamas (breathing exercises) and flowing sequences, which then lead into held asanas (postures) from hatha yoga and finally transition into a relaxing part in which the focus is on letting go. You are welcome in my yoga classes whether you are a yoga beginner or an experienced yogini.

You can find out more about my Yoga & Ayurveda programme at www.dominiqueiseppi.ch


2001 – 2006

  • Studied communication sciences at the University of Zurich


  • First encounter with yoga and start of regular yoga practice

2018 – 2022

  • Four-year training to become a BDY/EYU yoga teacher at Doris Echlin’s Yoga Academy with over 2000 training hours in Switzerland, India and examination hours in Germany

2021 – 2022

  • Training to become an Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach, Dr Janna Scharfenberg, Zurich

2022 – 2024

  • Ongoing yoga training, including at the Yoga University in Villeret with Ansgar Schöberl (breathing spaces and techniques), Lav Sharma (Nada Yoga) and workshops with Anna Trökes (chakras), among others


  • Yin yoga training with Tanja Seehofer


  • Teaching weekly yoga classes in Zurich with classes for beginners, advanced and over 60s / seniors
  • Personal Ayurveda consultations
  • Conducting Yoga workshops
  • Regular yoga retreats in Valposchiavo