Yoga has become an integral part of who I am. I was able to learn and experience an incredible amount through the different pillars of yoga and the yoga philosophy gave me the direction in life that I had been longing for for years. It is my heartfelt wish to be able to share the experience and knowledge I have gained, because growth begins in exchange.

In my lessons, you will experience yoga as a holistic concept. The focus is on harmonising the body and mind, accompanied by the breath as a pacemaker. We practise hatha yoga with vinyasa elements: Flowing asanas give you the opportunity to experience safe movement that connects you with your body. Yogic breathing techniques (pranayama) are used to support calmness and improved concentration. Meditation helps you to develop inner peace and deeper self-awareness.


Currently undergoing a three-year training programme in Buddhist psychology
More than 900 hours of yoga training
Yoga training instructor at ASVZ
Climbing instructor SBV
11 years experience in university sports in Zurich (ASVZ)
4 years studying psychology at the University of Zurich
Sports studies at the ETH Zurich