Yoga began began at home in my garden when my father proudly presented me how he practices sunsalutations. At this time i was searching for something that motivates me to get out of my bed in the morning and helps me to start the day in a positive way. As simple as it was, 5-6 movements combined with the breathing, changed my life until today.

I started to go to yoga classes where i learnd more about yoga and started to integrate more and more things in to my daily training and meditation.

With asanas i learnd to listen better to my body, to give it time to feel what is happening in this moment and to be kinder to myself.

The interaction of movement, breath and awearness helps me to get in contact with my source. This place is calm, peaceful and full of compassion, full of power.



  • Leadercourse Jugend&Sport in gymnastic and dance/ dancesport Salsa/ kidsdance – further education every year until today
  • working with handicapped people in Werkheim Uster (until today)


  • 3 years education at Zurich-dance-theater school in contemorary dance.


  • dancer innvarious productions/ Streetart/ choreographer for kids show group.


  • several workshops in dancetherapt
  • regulare Seminares by Krishnananda and Amana Trobe „Learning Love“ (inner child work)


  • travelling and dancing in Brasil
  • passioned 5Rhythm dancer until today


  • Yoga Teacher Training Hatha Yoga at Ayuryoga eco ashram in Mysore (India)