I experienced a deep access to yoga when I fulfilled a life dream three years ago: I left life in Switzerland behind me to go on a journey – not only a geographical journey, but also a journey into my inner self. By letting go of external stability and security, I learned to trust and find the support within myself. This was also the beginning of the path of Yoga.

For me, yoga is more than asanas. It is a holistic approach to life and a path to the realization of my true being. Asanas and Pranayama are tools that allow me to deepen my meditation and to become one with my deepest core. From this place I can draw infinite energy and live my full potential.

In my yoga classes we practice asanas, pranayama and meditation equally to experience physical and mental stability, a state where the mind is calm and the heart is full.



  • Erste Begegnung mit Yoga

2010 – 2014

  • Studium Kommunikationswissenschaften & Filmwissenschaften, Universität Zürich


  • Weiterbildung “Tantra” with Keli Dierings
  • Workshop “Confidence” with Naomi Salens
  • Weiterbildung “Yoga-Inversions” with Keli Dierings


  • Yogalehrer Ausbildung “Tantric Hatha Yoga”, The Practice Bali
  • Weiterbildung “How To Wild” with Elana Meta

“Wär ich täglich bei Dir im Yoga, wär ich ein anderer Mensch. Ich komme immer reichlich verspannt und grumpy zu Dir und laufe dann grinsend aus der Yoga-Stunde.

Du machst das absolut grossartig.”

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