My first experience of yoga was as a teenager visiting a traditional Hatha class. The asana felt like magic exercises and captured my curiosity.

Yoga, to me, is something alive and spontaneous; it calls us to be more intimate with existence and its gifts.

I teach yoga by creating conditions that let my students feel they are more than a body-mind and encourage them to experience yoga as a continuous flowering of sensory experience which redirects them to the truth hidden behind form.

The physical body is our vehicle to the more subtle realms of existence. By lovingly transforming our body, we open up to the possibilities of being truly alive. This is yoga’s gift to us: the fullness of being.

Sharing yoga is my great love. I’ve witnessed what a powerful catalyst for transformation it can be. I believe that practising authentic yoga has the capacity to enact a much-needed revolution of connection among human beings.

My classes are accessible for everyone, full of information, experience and offered with love.



  • Began practising yoga as a teenager in the UK


  • First travels in India. Introduced to traditional Hatha Yoga


  • Moved to Thailand. Began daily studies and practice of Vinyasa Yoga


  • Completed 14-day Vipassana Meditation Retreat at Wat Kow Tam, Thailand
  • Two-month immersion in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga in Mysore, India with M V Chiddananda
  • Month-long immersion in Vinyasa Yoga in Goa, India, with Regina Ehler


  • Became Resident Yoga teacher at Orion Healing Centre, Thailand
  • Lorraine Taylor’s Sacred Journeys Into Yoga for Women, 200hr TTC
  • 30-day Silent Meditation Retreat, Thailand


  • Trained in Chi Nei Tsang with Omsala
  • Immersion with Naama Peled in Feminine Yoga


  • Moved to Zurich
  • Hosted women’s yoga retreats and workshops, Thailand
“When I first saw Miriam it was like I found a magnificent creature in the middle of jungle. Her graceful movements and soft voice made me feel special for being a woman, for being there in her presence.
Everything about her is so peaceful and calming, yet you can feel her wildness. We started our yoga class like an ancient ritual full of mysteries.
She taught me to be grateful for my body through which I can make my mind peaceful. It is a gift to be guided by Miriam.”
Ida Eichel

Yoga student

“You know those beings you might run into briefly, but whose impact and presence is strong enough to stay with you forever? To me, Miriam is that kind of being. Her loving presence had a deeply healing impact on me as she guided me through her Vipassana meditation and Yoga Nidra classes during my vacation in Thailand. She reminded me of what really is important and where I want to be (here). I keep her in my heart as a loving reminder of this.”
Sofie Karlström

Meditation student

“Miriam’s classes gave me a totally new approach and understanding to yoga from what I experienced in the last 6 years I’ve been practising. I never felt more connected to my body and my femininity than after a class with her, especially after her women’s workshop. She made me aware of my own power and capacity during every single practice. I am very grateful for this experience.”
Ronit Zafran

Workshop participant