Yoga Workshop in the Swiss Alps

Yoga Workshop in Lavin / Engadin

Yoga workshop 3 is held in a small mountain village by the name of Lavin. It is situated near Scuol in a pristine mountain surrounding. Wide mountain plateaus, powerful woods and gorges with beautiful mountain rivers shape the landscape. If the weather permits, some classes are held outdoors.

Yoga workshop 3 is part of a workshop series, which aims to teach Yoga in depth and to explain topics related to Yoga that influence our day-to-day life. After the workshop, all participants will be equipped with the skills and knowledge to build and practise their own well-founded Yoga practice.

The workshops build on each other, but can also be booked individually. If you are interested in several workshops, we recommend to visit them successively. To participate in workshop 3, an existing knowledge of Yoga is required.

Course Contents of Yoga Workshop 3

This course includes more demanding postures (Asanas). We will expand our knowledge of specific breathing exercises (Pranayama) by the energy centres (Chakras). Furthermore, we will sharpen our attention towards the way we bread in everyday life.

Deep relaxation techniques from Yoga Nidra form another element. Yoga through relaxation in a wake but sleep-like state, Yoga Nidra leads to thorough regeneration of body and mind.

Based on this, methods of meditation in- and outdoors follow. A calm mind lets us experience an inner state of deep content and beauty. Further information on the course content can be found here:

Advanced Asanas

Advanced Pranayama

Yoga Nidra


December 9th-11th, 2016

Yoga workshop 1 and Yoga workshop 2 take place in Zurich.

Timings for Yoga Workshop 3

Friday, 5-8pm

Saturday and Sunday,
9.30am-12.30pm and

Conducted by
The Yoga workshops are conducted by Sabina Asnani.

Early-bird booking (at least 28 days in advance): CHF 430,-
Normal rate: CHF 480,-

The fee includes a manuscript in which all topics and exercises are documented in writing and through pictures. Board and lodging are not included.

We will stay at the beautiful guesthouse La Voulta

Price for the full duration:

In a triple room: CHF 65 (for both nights)

In a double room: CHF 85 (for both night)

In a single room: CHF 105 (for both nights)

Additionally CHF 15 (visitor’s tax + use of kitchen)

There’s only a very limited availability of the single rooms.

You can also stay at the Piz Linard Hotel.For further information please refer to their homepage

Lunch and Dinner will be cooked for us. The contribution towards all the meals is CHF 125 per person.

Besides beautiful walking and hiking trails in Lavin and enchanting places at the riverside, there is a picturesque village square in front of the Piz Linard inviting you to linger whilst enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in your breaks. Scoul is accessible by train or car just within a few minutes. There are a gorgeous Roman-Irish bath and a swimming pool with Spa areas that allows you to swim in- and outdoors surrounded by this fantastic mountain landscape!

For further information or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us on +41 78 607 3858 or via mail.

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